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Tech Lead

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Startup
  • Remote
This role calls for a balanced approach, with approximately 20% of your time dedicated to coding to ensure that code standards and quality are upheld. Additionally, around 40% of your time will focus on technical management, where you'll make architectural decisions and lead the development of technological solutions. The remaining 40% will be centered on people management, including mentoring engineers and creating a productive learning environment.
•	Report directly to the CEO, providing weekly reports.
•	Act as a technology and business expert, influencing the company's technological direction.
•	Collaborate with Development teams to optimize estimates and timelines.
•	Implement technological trends and best practices within the company.
•	Develop highly scalable and resilient solutions.
•	Lead the entire product development lifecycle.
•	Align with stakeholders for prioritization and resource allocation.
•	Ensure code quality, refactoring, and proper documentation.
•	Responsible for working alongside fellow developers.
•	Experience in technical leadership and architectural decision-making.
•	Proficiency in version control systems such as Git and SVN.
•	Experience with PHP (Laravel), Node.js, Python, MySQL, and MongoDB.
•	Experience with caching (Redis) and search engines (ElasticSearch).
•	Competent coding skills, especially in backend/DB (PHP, Node.js, Python, MySQL).
•	Experience in Android and iOS development.
•	Experience with AngularJS or equivalent JS frameworks.
•	English level: conversational (fluent).
Additional Requirements:
•	Experience in continuous product improvement through customer feedback cycles.
•	Experience in launching or developing consumer-focused products (B2C).
•	Successful delivery of websites, mobile apps, and platforms within deadlines.
•	Familiarity with software release cycles and DevOps best practices.
•	Experience in rapidly expanding technology startups.
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