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The best technology professionals are here.


We are a global and modern company, 100% committed to your business.

HUNTINGTI was born in 2017, due to a need to hire qualified technology professionals. Our premise is to bring solutions to our clients for the construction of an assertive process.

For this, we use our own methodology to attract and evaluate professionals, whose final result is the delivery of qualified professionals for the vacancy.

We operate in Brazil and globally, understanding that assertiveness goes beyond technical evaluation. Therefore, we have built a process according to the cultural fit of each of our clients.

What we believe in?

Our purpose is to hire professionals for companies, generating satisfaction and sustainability for both sides.

Business Vision
Understand contexts and realities
Empathy, understanding, respect for individuality and culture
Flexibility/ Adaptability
Courage/ Open to challenges and expansion
Availability (time/appointment)
Loyalty with our players

Events and Participations

HUNTINGTI has participated in the WebSummit in Portugal in 2019, 2021, and 2022. In 2023, we were accepted to participate as a Startup Alpha in WebSummit Rio.

According to Forbes, “Web Summit is the largest technology conference in the world.” We value being up to date with the technology market, providing our clients the most advanced selection and tech hiring processes.

At this conference, we have the opportunity to be in touch with technology professionals, companies and learn about what the global market is practicing in tech recruitment and selection.

We also participate in tech events such as Rio Innovation Week (2021 and 2022), among others.

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